Zachary F

 "Wartorn Fitness has taken my overall health to a whole new level. I contacted them when I first started getting back in the gym because although I was eating what I thought was healthier and working out, I wasn't really seeing much improvement. I started the diet I was given and the routine as well, within 6 weeks I had dropped 15 lbs while gaining muscle and strength! I was pretty surprised when my arms had grown 1 inch in that short amount of time. If you aren't sure about getting a nutrition specialist or personal trainer, or you're worried you won't get your money's worth you are wrong. Wartorn Fitness is worth every penny!"

 Peter E

 "Wartorn Fitness has been the best fitness decision of my life. I have always been an avid lifter since joining the Marine Corps in 2010. I always knew you were suppose to train hard and eat a lot to get big. I did this for 4 years. I had no purpose behind my diet or training regiment. Since I have joined Wartorn Fitness everything has changed. My diet and training is all interconnected. Now everything I eat for that day plus my training for that day are connected. My training regiment has been perfectly mapped out for my goals. Everything I do has a purpose. No longer am I wasting reps in the gym no longer am I wasting time making food that doesn't help my goals. My training has become so much more efficient and my results show. Wartorn Fitness has helped me take my body to the next level and I am very grateful for it."

 Jared B

 "Wartorn Fitness' guidance and understanding has been paramount in my success already in just a few short months. I've battled for years with not being able to lose my gut (I'm a thin guy with a belly from a desk job) and I've tried diets galore. My trainer not only tells me what I should do, but he articulates the reasons behind his suggestions, which gives me an unwavering confidence in his ability to lead me in my health journey. This alone is enough for me to suggest Wartorn Fitness unquestionably to friends and family, however the great results that I'm getting don't exactly hurt either. Their energy, caring and encouragement have certainly been a catalyst in me reaching a high potential for fitness and health."